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28th June 2003

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#1 12 years ago

I love using the Flak 88's on the last mission for COD2... it would be fun if you could call in a truck that brings in a Flak 88.. for your amusement.. and sits there for say a minute.. then drives away.. or like if you get in a pickle where youre outnumbered majorly... and you could call it in ... sometimes it would be manned.. You would have to probably select your binocs and focus on the enemy.. the truck drives in.. and fires at the spot...then drives off..

Either that or you could call in a airstrike.. Say its a Russian mission.. the one where you have to destroy the german HQ.. the MG42's can be a pain so you just call in an airstrike... and take it out.. only thing is.. the airstrike would have to be a bomb.. so it destroys the MG42...

Im gonna look into modding for COD2,,.. and try to make this.. As it is something that i think would be wicked...