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#1 13 years ago

I run a Zombie Mod server and I've been trying to make some Zombie skins. I've converted the necesary axis model files to DDS, opened them in PhotoShop CS2 modified them(changed skin tone to greyish, added blood splotches, purplish black around eyes, red glowing eyes, an overall undead look and feel). Then I converted them back to IWI, made a IWD file with the correct dierctory structure. But when I view the models in game they are missing textures such as hair, parts of the face and hands, and the eye's didn't appear red. I also just tried editing some skins that someone else made that worked in MP, and edited those and got similar results. Can someone please help? Either with telling me what I'm doing wrong OR making these skins for me and telling me how you did it.