Need Help With Cod2 Skinning......please -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

hey im haveing some troble with cod2 skinning i found a tutorial here and did everything it asked till the part when i edited and it came out againg ask dss or watever then i got lost and didnt no were to put it and stuff porbly got some stuff wrong...... :( i can give you then dss file and that person can edit it and stuff or do the right thing so then whenhe gives it to me all i gotta do is put in main cod2 folder and if you/anyone who does do that does that then if i post it il add you first in credits and stuff and vicecersa :) NOTE: this is my 3 post cause my first had a url so i when back and my wrinting was gone.... had 124 words. NOTE AGAING: this is my 3 post cause i clicked a smilie from the boox and it didnt work so i when back and my wrinting was gone.... had 45 words. email me for alot more detail and files At: jojo19922991{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com pleaes only email if you have advice or whanna help and more....