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Here the beta version 2 of “Normandie, France”. this version corrects the majority of the bugs found on differents forums, except exception… Also, it has some addition:

- Addition of Stuka. - Addition of a news to slice/Flak88 (see screen). - Addition of a trench with a flak 88(see screen) - Addition of a SDKFZ on fire in front of the house to cut the sight (see screen). - Addition of 3 customs textures of poster of propaganda (see screen) *.

*My textures, at the base,are created for the D-Day One Omaha MOD.


043fee9daa69d056e0386381e665.jpg ed62f1e8f325accd55399cad34c8.jpg fe04f8e911d1ec952f35ac425a2d.jpg 0747f163953113e89e48e7cc2a66.jpg


Normandie, France

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