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26th May 2009

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#1 11 years ago

I was playing COD2 multiplayer on Russian maps recently, and an idea struck me. Many of the weapons and maps present for the Soviet and German armies could in fact be modified and transformed into WW1 and post WW1 era Russia.

Factions would include:

Red Guards (fighting white guards, and sometimes black guards) White Guards (fighting red guards) German Army (fighting red and white guards) Foreign interventionists (fighting red guards, allied with white guards)

Weapons would include:

Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle [in the place of the M1891 rifle] used by: Reds and Whites Webley revolver [in the place of the Nagant revolver] used by: Reds and Whites BAR [ in the place of lewis gun] used by: Reds, Whites, and Foreigners Lee-Enfield rifle [in the place of the m1917 rifle] used by: Whites and Foreigners Colt .45, used by Foreigners Luger, used German Army Kar98k rifle [in the place of the Kar98a and the Gewehr 98 used by the Germans] used by Germans

Also, I think it would be interesting to develop a system of capturing weapons, where dropped enemy rifles, pistols, or machine guns would be valuable supplies to use against your enemies. These supplies would be stored until needed, and could be recaptured by the enemy during a battle. There would also be a sort of campaign, where one side would attack another's position, and one side would be pushed back to another location, resulting in another battle.

Is anyone interested in developing this idea for a mod?