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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys. i am new to the modding part of cod 2. i have been mapping for about a year now and i thought i would give modding a try. what i need is a way to test a mod without using a server. Is that possible. i added the +set fs game to the shortcut of my cod 2 mp icon to run the client side mod.(if i have that right) but when i click on a weapon, i enter the game with no weapon, not only that, but it's a two part menu. select primary then secondary weapon. well i never get the chance to select the secondary, and i think it's because the weapons aren't precached. So how can i set up my computer to fully test a mod


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#2 11 years ago

You cant test a mod without a server to run it.

You cant test a mod using only the client side part - the server must run the server side part as well.

Put both parts - server side and client side - in your fs_game folder, and then run the server. If the mod still doesnt work, it wont be because the server setup is wrong, it will be something wrong with the mod.


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#3 11 years ago

are there any more tutorials on modding other than the ones found here. I would like to read about changing the way a player enters spectate. some servers have it set up where you have to be a clan member to enter spectate becuase they don't want the players to use it because they might cheat, so they have it set up where you have to press a button and do a little dance inorder to get into spectate. I would like to learn how to change it so that if you have clan tags, it will let you in just by hitting the spectate button.