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#1 13 years ago

Hey there im new in here and wants to run servers on my secondary pc for COD2. How do i ad servers manually by editting files in windows by copy pasting server ip's from a website? Im using to find servers, but its a pain in the ass to write down on paper and then manually aqdding them in the game. I was thinking where does the game store those ip's? I was thinking about editing a file and adding them there in windows by copy paste directly from the came-monitor website instead of the manyally ingame adding, but where does the game store those ip's ? Secondary i once ran servers for SOF2 on a secondary pc using an ap called Sofrunner, which unfortunatly is not available for COD2. Sad cause it made server starting an editting a piece of cake. Which server starting ap would you guys suggest? How many players can i host on a 512/512 dsl line? In SOF2 i could host between 8-12 players depending on map size and how much rate and ping i assigned for each player, but how is the requerement for COD2 compared to SOF2? It runs on same engine but is more grafically requering. In order to get as many visitors to server as possibel i know its important to announce the server to as many game monitoring sites as possibel. I remember a little from the SOF2 server time but not all. I added it to: Gamespy All Seeing eye Game-monitor as far as i can remember But does someone know a more complete list of sites to announce the server? Also whats the excact ip or url to ad to server config for above mentined sites? Tnx in Advance TheCrow_DK