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23rd February 2004

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#1 12 years ago

Hello and welcome to the Call Of Duty Forums. As usual, all of the regular Gaming Forums rules apply, along with the other rules that are posted. It may seem lengthy, but it is of utmost importance that you gather the information contained in these rules.

  1. Absolutely nothing illegal is allowed in these forums, this includes warez, CD cracks, hack sites, et cetera, ask for one and you will be permanently banned! Go out and buy the game, lots of kids love to join these forums, posting just one time asking for anything illegal and you’ll get to exhibit the pink username!
  2. We do not use hacks while playing Call of Duty. As you are probably aware of, the Quake 3 engine is easily hacked. Now, all of you hackers who want to share your creations, you will be banned! Anyone who posts a link to a website with hacks will be banned! We will not stand for the spreading of hacks through this forum.
  3. Please do not post any advertisements. This includes server advertisements like "I have a good server with custom maps, IP is...", et cetera; Your posts will be deleted/moved and you may face possible banning. All server advertisments should be posted in the clan forum only.
  4. Do not spam these forums. If you want to spam, go to the Spamming Forum. An example of spamming is an excessive amount of posts filled only with smilies, an off-topic thread or post, usually exhibited by newer members. Usually a spammer will receive a warning before he is banned.
  5. No vulgar language, specifically in thread titles. You can use some four-letter words, but not excessively. A shit or a damn every once and a while is fine, but certainly no words like f*ck. The excessive use of bad language is not allowed. Also, no ethnic or racial slurs are allowed. As with spamming, you will usually first receive a warning.
  6. Please keep signature images to a reasonable size. Particularly large images will be removed. The current signature size limit is 600x100 pixels along with one line of text.
  7. Please use the edit button instead of posting twice in a row when you forget something! By doing so threads will be shorter and have less spam.
  8. Before posting please search the forums to see if your post has been done before, this will keep the “spam factor” down.
  9. The Rants & Raves forum is not the melee; Threads that treat it as such will be closed and/or deleted.
  10. If you see a post or thread that violates these rules report it by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner of a post that says “report bad post.” It is unnecessary for you to post in the thread telling the user to do this or that.
  11. Before you make a post looking for a mod, check Call of duty Files. This will keep the clutter down.
  12. Post your thread in the correct Call of Duty sub-forum. These sub-forums help organize the threads, please take advantage of this. Here are links to the different sub-forums. When you enter some of these forums, there are special sets of rules posted and/or important threads. Be sure to take a look at them before posting. (the CoD Sub-Forums are linked to Bellow)
  13. New Policy with Nazi Imagery: due to the FileFront policy prohibiting Nazi imagery, clans with nazi names are no longer allowed to recruit in any clan forum. Any thread advertising a Nazi clan (such as 33rd SS, for example) will be closed. Please note: Clans with 'regular' German names are not restricted from advertising. If you need clarification on this issue, contact a staff member.

I hope that this has cleared up any questions that you may have had and also that it will improve environment of the Call of Duty forums. Stick to these rules and you’ll be fine. If you have any questions, need clarification, or have suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your attention and have fun! -HGen_Snake