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#1 13 years ago

i tried using these bots;57917 but somehow they dont work i did everything like the readme tells me i opened team deathmatch and put the file in the main folder but no bots appear i also removed all other mods but it didnt worked how can i get those bots working ????????? plz help me i need them i go to a lan next week !


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#2 13 years ago

Hello, did you place the ukr_botAI.iwd file in your "/Call of Duty 2/main" directory? The gametype must be TDM. You have done a good thing by deleting all other modes. Ensure that there are no other mods installed and it should work. Always read the readme file and ensure that you have done everything properly. This mod only supports bots on Axis and it supports mp44 mp 40 and kar 98. If you haven t done something as in readme file the mod won t work. Read the readme file. It comes with a mod. If it still doesn t work, save all your sp save games and config files to a special folder and reinstall the game. Then put savegames back where they ve been before. That s how you ll save your progress. If it still doesn t work after reinstalling the game, someone else will help you.


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#3 13 years ago

This mod works fine if you understand the principles of usinig mods:

1. always use an fs_game folder to run your mods. An fs_game folder is a dedicated folder through which you run the game. It is where you can 'isolate' your mods and maps so that the 'main' folder is left untouched.

2. always use a server config file to run your servers, as all the necessry settings are placed in there.

To create an fs_game folder, go to the COD2 folder. In there create a new folder (i.e. next to the 'main' folder - not in it). Call it something like 'bot' (or what ever you like). Place the bot IWD file in this new 'bot' folder.

Now go to File Front and download one of the many server config file generators. Once you have all the settings for your server made (such as map rotation details, with TDM as the gametype), and the file generated, enter the cvars (server setting) for the bot mod:

set scr_bots_number "7" set scr_bots_skill "2"

Name the server config file 'dedicated.cfg'. Place this server config file in the 'bot' folder along with the bot mod IWD file.

Now you need to create a way to start up the server for testing. There are several ways to do this. I will explain the simplest:

1. On the Windows desktop, right click anywhere, and then left click 'new' > text document.

2. Copy and paste this into it:

@echo off @echo STARTING COD2 SERVER cd C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2 cod2mp_s.exe +set fs_game bot +exec dedicated.cfg +map_rotate @echo COMPLETE

3. At the top of the text document, click on 'file' > 'save as'. You will see 3 boxes at the bottom. In the middle one that says 'Save as type', click the little downward arrow to the right so you can select 'All Files'.

4. Above this, in the 'File Name' box, type in 'COD2 Bots.bat'. Then click on 'OK'. this will save the file, but also convert it to a .bat file. this is your server startup shortcut.

With everything in place, once you double-click the COD2 bots bat file, your server should start and the bots should appear on the axis team.

NOTE - I dont know if this bot mod works with the patch. the patch changed the gametypes and the files in the mod might not be compatable with it