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#1 9 years ago

Ok, so im having a problem with cod2 multiplayer...

First of all, I dont have that great of a computer, but its good enough to run this game.

Whenever I play cod2 I get about 150-200 fps constantly for 5-20 minutes. It eventually gets lower and lower and within minutes its at about 60 fps constantly, which I cant play very well in. I have all the settings in cod2 very low and its really making me mad that i can only play for about 10 minutes until this happens. ANother thing is, that after my fps is lowered to 60, I can exit out of the game for about 10 minutes, and then reenter, and my fps will be back up to 200 again. Then the cycle repeats.

Please let me know if theirs anything i can do to fix this problem... Thanks! Also my xfire is haikaicrew if you just want to message me about this.