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#1 12 years ago

Greetings CoD2 civilisation! Okay, here's what's up.. I performed the Bob's your uncle uninstall setup for CoD2, in the hope of getting rid of unwanted custom maps and server files. By this I anticipated to begin with a fresh install of CoD2, only to realise that those files were still haunting me. Right, so what I require from you, you and you in the black is some assistance! I realise that the bulk of the downloaded files are stored in my 'main' folder as 'iwds' and it is mainly these that I wish to terminate! Now, outside of that folder are some folders named 'bhc' 'eXg' and 'pam', which I believe to be server files.. perhaps I think but I am not oh so sure that just maybe those folders can be deleted? Apart from those I believe all the other folders are fine. You may ask why don't I just delete everything and begin from scratch? Well, after having played on CoD4 for a while, I soon became hungry for the olden battle days of CoD2 and decided not to give it the final boot. Thus since my computer is filled with endless crap, I am trying to cut most of it out(including the above mentioned unwanted files) for a healthier life and can't visualise myself deleting CoD2, least not for a new age. Plus I really can't be bothered to set the controls and so forth for battle, just too complicated and impatient for the simple soldier. Well, I hope this all makes sense and await for you, you and you in the black all to save me! Oh yeah, 1ST POST ULTIMATE PWNZOR!

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#2 12 years ago

your controls set up is in the mp.cfg files so just copy them out of the folder and uninstall. Delete the left over folders and reinstall. Start the game in mp and then quit. Delete the new mp.cfg and add your old one back again.


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#3 12 years ago

Sounds to me like a piece of cake and I trust in ye goody10 that it must work.. If not, I'll be back! A many thank yous for sacrificing your valuable time to enlighten me, tis very much appreciated! Adios!