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9th February 2005

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#1 14 years ago

I have recorded a two game long demo and was trying to re record it to an avi in FRAPS. Unfortunately, FRAPS does not compress their video files so I can't record the whole demo. All I want is a certain part. Now is there a way to fast forward or rewind the demo? Or do I have to sit through the whole thing? There is no UI as far as I can see and the timescale doesn't do anything at all.


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20th November 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Hmm, I dont know whether this will help you, but here is a document I put together a while back (COD1 days):

There are several ways, and different progs, to convert a demo to MPEG. But first you need to convert them to AVI.

If you already know how to get your demo to AVI, skip all the next stuff, and go straight to the bottom (where you will find the programs to convert AVI to MPeg).

Recording the demo: How to do it?

In Game

To record your demo ingame, bring the console down and type

/record filename

For example /record demo1 that will create a file in your main/demos folder called demo1.

To stop recording ingame, bring the console down and type


That’s the easy bit done!

Watching The Demo

To watch the demo, launch COD and when on the main menu bring down the console and type

/demo filename

For example if you called it demo1, type /demo demo1

Converting to AVI

We have 3 options for this. One is to use an ingame command that outputs every frame as a screenshot, another way is to record with fraps and the final way is to use tvout.

Option 1 – Ingame command

This option will give you the best quality, but it does also require a fair amount of work. Playback your demo, and type /cl_avidemo 30 in the console, your screen will go fairly jerky and your FPS will hit the floor. What it is doing is taking a screenshot 30 times a second.

Once you have your desired footage, you will have a LOT of screenshots in your screenshots folder. What you need to do is convert these from TGA to Jpeg. Theres 3 good programs that I tried this with and work very good. One is a program called reaconverter pro available from

2jpeg, this is a command line based program and is very quick. You can get this from

The last one, that I use is paint shop pro 7. from

All of these programs are pretty simple to use, so I shouldn’t need to bother writing how to batch convert the files to jpeg.

So now we have hundereds of jpeg files, we need to put them all together to make an avi file. My personal choice of program for this is a program called JPGVideo, you can get this from

This is very simple to use also, simply launch the program and click configure. At the top choose the directory where all your jpeg images are, and underneath that the output for the avi file. Set the frames per second slider to 30 then hit Ok.

On the next screen click run, it will then ask you which codec you want to use, at this point you can leave it uncompressed or compress it with your favouritre codec (divx personally)

Once that process is done, you now have the .avi file which you can edit in premier or any other editing program.

Option 2 – TvOut

This uses the same method as how most MOHAA demos are made now, watch back the demo and record via TvOut. Many of you know how to do this already, but for those who don’t please read the tutorial written by mike here

Option 3 – Fraps

The most hated method in MOHAA, software based video capture. However the advantage of doing this in COD is that the low fps you get from recording wont effect your gameplay as your watching a video of yourself. This option takes a lot of HDD space and gives nice quality, however its not my personal choice.

You can find information on fraps at


Option 1 – Ingame commands: SUPERB Quality, you need a fair amount of HDD space though and it is a little time consuming.

Option 2 – TvOut: High quality, easy to do once you have it setup

Option 3 – Fraps: High quality, takes a lot of HDD space, but it doesn’t provide a smooth demo

Personally I use option 1, the quality it provides more than makes up for the extra bit of time you put into making it, you can also compress straight to divx without messing about.

Demo Recroding Script

I was contacted in IRC by noginn with this script, paste it into the bottom of your config_mp.cfg in your main folder.

// demo record toggle script by save*noginn

seta demo_start "record; set demo_tog vstr demo_stop"

seta demo_stop "stoprecord; set demo_tog vstr demo_start"

seta demo_tog "vstr demo_start"

bind BACKSPACE "vstr demo_tog"

press backspace to start recording, and press it again to stop. Call of Duty will name the files demo0001, demo0002, demo0003 automatically.

Converting AVI to MPeg

One of the most well know programs for converting files to Mpeg is Tmpeg. Download it for free here:

Another is WinMPeg. Get it from here:

Another is FX MPeg Writer. Get it here:

You might be able to work out a way to do what you want from that.

Sorry not to do a more detailed study of your problem, but I am at work at the moment and Im doing this on the fly.


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10th March 2006

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#3 14 years ago

You can always use the program [COLOR=blue]FastCap[/COLOR] to record games. The program supports real time encoding to divx or else formats so the file size can be greatly reduced.