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8th November 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Ive had my copy fo cod2 for a few months now and when i 1st got it i played around turned all the setting up to its max to see how it'll perform and all the setting at its max ran very well except for anti-alias and directX9 made the game go to 5-10fps and the game is rendered unplayable. I turned off anti-alias and switched to directx7 and the game goes up to 30-60fps! Now after a few months im getting bored of the same old graphics and i wanna use directx9 to "spice" things up. My video card does support it. My system specs: AMD Athlon 64processor 3200+ 2.01 GHz (no overclock), 960MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6100 256MB Directx9 or better Please help meh! :uhh: (i already know im gonna get spammed about one of my specs being sucky)


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20th November 2004

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#2 13 years ago

First off - you wont be able to play in DX9 mode with great FPS, not with your current system specs.

I have a pretty good system (ATi X1900 with 512 meg VRAM), and it still sux in DX9 mode, so personally, I would stick with DX7 mode.

i can play in DX9, but its choppy and laggy on a lot of servers.

Best servers to go to are the modded servers running the 'no FX' mods. when the smoke and crap is turned off, then DX9 mode is sweet. but with FX on, it lags and i get creamed a lot.