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#1 13 years ago

im having a prob installing CoD2. As soon as i put my cd key in a few seconds later i get this message D:\setup\rscr\cod2.exe' had the following error; couldnt find library MSVCR80.dll any ideas didnt have this prob b4 thanks


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#2 13 years ago

Did you buy the game used or brand new? Either way, if you put in the key and it doesn't say something along the lines of "Invalid Key Code" then it probably isnt the key, but it is always good to check. Secondly, D: is the DVD Drive, your games should be running through the E: setting if im not mistaken. Check that the disk is in the slot marked "Compact Disk" (it is usually this on most computer towers, but some my say something different. Also, this slot is usually on the bottom.) That's really all I got, but if both of those things are going fine and your still having problems, some1 else may b able to help u out.


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#3 13 years ago

Drive letters on different PCs are different.

Also, these days, most systems have a DVD/CD ROM combi, so no more seperate drives.

Im pretty sure the error is an install error due to a read/write failure in the DVD drive. Check to make sure that the laser head is clean and free of grease. Also, check to make sure its working properly.

If all else fails you can always do a manual install. Ive been meaning to post a sticky about this, so I think I will tomorrow (Sunday), as lots of people get install problems.