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#1 14 years ago

Hi folks, can anyone shed light on this problem? I have a set up of 6 PC's for LAN gaming and have had no problems until I installed some extra maps the other night.(see list at bottom) I installed AWE 3b5 I also installed the V1.3 update on only one of the PC's and as a result it wont host any games anymore. {script error see console for details} when joining games it wont display the full menu. only sees the spectate option??????? although if you press number 2 or 3 you can join in!! weird........ this is only on 1 PC. the others work ok now. although initially they started to autodownload maps from 2 of the machines when hosting despite them all having the same .iwd files in the main folder. How do i check the history of the server console to identify problems? Is there any know issues with the V1.3 update? How do i go about removing the update??? is it a complete reinstallation including wiping saves and profiles? mp_chK_sniper_valley.iwd svr_retrievaql_addin.iwd z_tankhunt_V2.iwd zzz_mp_hill400_testmap.iwd zzz_superheadshot.iwd zzz_silotown_final_v4.iwd zzz_bergstein2_v2.iwd mp_rhine_beta.iwd dc_degeast_final.iwd abbewill_v1_7.iwd [OSOK]_server_maps.iwd which contains dasschlumpfdorf Boneville snipetown v2 Tobruk Silotown


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#2 14 years ago

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#3 13 years ago


First, on the 1.3 machine, take out all custom maps and mods

then, fire it up and see if it runs ok.

If ok, put the AWE mod back into its fs_game folder. If this returns a script compile error, you can dump console to a .txt file by dropping down console and typing:

/condump error.txt

Look inside the AWE fs_game folder and you will find the console dump in a .txt file called 'error' (you can call it what you like - it doesnt matter). We can take it from there. Just post back the error.

If AWE is ok, start adding back the custom maps one at a time, until or unless you hit an error

You will be limited to the number of custom maps you can run on a machine, because COD2 has a bug in it called the checksum bug. this limits the number of custom IWD files (maps or otherwise). But there is a well-known work around.

Dont worry too much about that for the moment, lets get you up and running first. then we can start dealing with the number of maps etc later.