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22nd July 2003

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#1 12 years ago

As I'm new to COD/COD2, I'm looking for some web sites that explain the cvars and various binds for COD2.

Also discussions about spread, accuracy would be great. I used to play RTCW/RTCW:ET and there were websites explaining how the physics of the game worked. -Like why only the first jump in MP seems to have any height? -When you are shot, does screen shake affect your aim? It appears that the gun/crosshair jumps up, but does it really? Think g_debugbullets 1? etc.

Google is failing me, or maybe it's just my search terms.

Here are some I've found: Well, since I can't post urls yet, there is a CVAR tweak list (performance) at deathenforcementagency .n e t