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#1 11 years ago

Hi, Can you help me with this? I tried to create a map pack, taking 4 custom maps and extracting them in one folder. Maps were: Bridge, Port, St.Gatien, Powcamp. It created folders: images, maps, materials, mp, sound, soundaliases, sun. Than I add them all to rar and renamed it to zzz_Mymaps.iwd. I put that file on my server in main folder. The problem is this: When I connect as admin on my server and type: /rcon map mp_port It says: "Can't find map maps/mp/mp_port.d3dbsp"

Where did I get wrong? Thx.


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#2 11 years ago

Check the .d3dbsp file for mp_port is actually there, and its related files:

mp_port.gsc mp_port_fx.gsc csv files

Check the name of the .d3dbsp file name. It might not be called mp_port.