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#1 13 years ago

Since acquiring COD2 I now need to upgrade my PC video, (I’m getting a Nvidia 6800 GT,) card. My questions is can I go from a 200w to a 450w (or around there) power supply? Can I up the power with out modifying anything in my PC? If you can think of anything else I should be looking at please let me know. Thanks in advance, Nylo What I’m running now. Dell Dimension XPS B1000r Pent III 1GHz WinXP Home 512MB, will be upgrading to 1gMB Power 200w AGP, ATI 128mb Radion 9600 540 Maxor HD


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#2 13 years ago

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#3 13 years ago

/Moved to COD2 help forum

There is little relationship between a power supply and a video card. Indeed, increasing power is a system specific thing, and has little relationship to COD2, and I nearly moved it to the Tech Forum. However, I thought that perhaps the author of this thread didnt state what the problem with COd2 was. this is therefore the opportunity for him to state it so that we might be able to help (if there is a problem).