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#1 14 years ago

[COLOR=purple]Hello everyone,[/COLOR] My hubby bought the XBox 360 Core System and Call of Duty 2. Paid a pretty penny for this stuff and now either the game or the system wont advance him past the first level. He's passed the first level several times, each time expecting to be moved on to the 2nd level, and each time it knocks him right back to level 1 (something to do with Winter and Demolition). He's getting ready to toss the system and the game! :eek: Showing me that he can't advance, he played the level again with me watching. I'm thinking surely I can figure out what he's doing wrong, lol. Sure enough, he defeats the level and gets his kudos to go to the next one then, poof, his only option is to do the first level again. =( The only thing I can figure is that a) something is wrong with the game or b) that something is wrong with the memory card we bought to go with the core system. I asked him to go to the "save section". Shouldn't there be some way to access the memory card? To pull up saved games? I didn't see anything and he didn't know any way other than "save and exit" to access the save function. Any help would be appreciated. We are doing something wrong but I dont have the slightest idea about XBox's, computers are my game. Thanks in advance, Txheart


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#2 14 years ago

I havent a clue about XBoX problems, as Im exclusively PC.

I would recommend you go to one of the XBoX gaming forums and see if there is anyone that can help with the problem.

Failing that, you could try contacting 402 - the IW (makers of the game) Community Relations Manager. He is very helpful and a huge 360 player, so if he doesnt have the answer, he will find it for you.

He can be contacted via IRC, PM, or email at the IW site: