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#1 12 years ago

I have problem when i want to create server(dedicated or not)when the map is loading on half of its way stops and it says:''Error:iwd sum/name mismatch'',i think its maybe from the mods i have put it but i havent try to delete them,if anyone has other ides how to fix this pls tell me,i'll be very greatfull.Bye!!



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#2 12 years ago

Found this on another thread with the same problem:

I had the same problem, it turned out to be a mod i had in my main folder
This can occur if you are trying to run a "Pure Server" while having any mods installed on your server. If that's the case you would need to remove the mods and then try to run a ''Pure Server''. If found this error as well and that was my solution. Hope it works. Try running a server with "Pure Server" off.

So try deleting the one that causes this problem and it should be fixed.


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#3 12 years ago

Tnx,I solve my problem.;)