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#1 13 years ago

if anyone has a problem with your cd key being in use on your bran new cod 2 game and u want help from the makers of cod 2 then your bumming because i did and this is what they said .. (oh and the store i bought the game from wont take software back after its been open and i explaind that to their company) (the maker of cod2) heres some email from them ... i guess i will never buy anything from cod'S company ever again yes thats right i ate 50 bucks. they wont even let me send the game back so buyers beware.. here r some emails from them... i told them when i try to get online it says my cd key is in use and if they could send me a new game if i send them this one back at first i thought they were going to help me but NOT>>>here u go.... Response (Sam Akiki) - 11/14/2005 12:29 PM Hello,

I just sent you a response this morning. I asked "What is your key? I will test it here." ... then Response (Sam Akiki) - 11/21/2005 06:45 AM Hello,

It does appear that your key is in use. Make sure that you did not give your key out to anyone. Someone may have stolen your key. If you believe that no one has stolen the key and that you may have gotten a bad key then your only option would be to return the game to the store you bought it at for an exchange. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. then i ask for a new cd key and there response ...There is no way we can protect you from theft. Once the key is in your possesion it is up to you to protect it. Its not a matter of proving that you bought the game. As I said before we dont have any keys go give you. The keys are put on at the factory and shipped to the store. We dont see keys here at all. You will have to deal with the store to get another copy. then...Response (Sam Akiki) - 11/22/2005 06:43 AM Hello,

The warrantee protects against defects in the manufacturing of the disc not theft. Once the game is in your hands there is no way we can protect you. It is impossible. What happens when you go onto the Internet is out of our control. To expect us to protect your property after purchase is unreasonable. I suggest that you make absolutely sure that no one has been on your system either internally or externally. Also beware buying used copies of this or any game that has a CD key. The key could still be in the previous owners possession. as you can see they willnot do anything for u if this happens to u so BEWARE how buisness is done there . i never gave out my cd key to noone . this happend from the very begining of the install.please give me feedback



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#2 13 years ago
This happend from the very begining of the install. Please give me feedback

/Moved to problems & helps since this isn't really a rant...


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#3 13 years ago

sad thing you had any viruses/troyans l8ly? or do you use dc++ i think people could get your key from the registry if you share ur windows folder form the regedit exe and were you able to play once with the key or is it always in use, because how i think of it is every time you connect to a non cracked server you first get connected to one of the master servers which check if ur key is original or not or is it already on the master server as a player(in use), but when you disconnect form a game either you send a note to the master server you logged off, or it checks randomly if the key is still in use now if its always in use, then either lots of people got it and use it, or its somehow stuck on the master server i also heard some (true)storys about guys were working in a software shops, and they stole the keys and gave them away, this could be an other option

what i would recomend is to go back to the store and somehow make them give you a new instruction manual(because that contains the key) also till you get a newone play on cracked servers(tip. if you live close to Hungary, go up to any public server ;P) and maybe you should check some sites containing serials to stuff, maybe you'll find ur own :P