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#1 14 years ago


ive tried loads of different rifle mods for my server and on toujane i can never get the moshin nagant to work, u can select the gun from the menu, but when you spawn the gun doesnt appear so u run around with no weapon at all, how do i fix this? like i said ive tried loads of mods but i get the same thing happening.



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#2 14 years ago

sounds weird. exactly what mods have you tried?

If they are 'good' mods, they will have precached the nagant to which ever team, so that when you select it, you spwan with it.

I suspect that, since you can actaully select it from the menu, that it has been precached, since other wise you would just get stuck at the menu with the error "unknown weapon selected".

I would hazard a guess and say that its some other mod you have that is affecting the smooth running of the weapon mods you have tried. make sure all your mods are compatable.