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26th March 2004

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#1 11 years ago

I used to play cod2 a while back, then stopped for about a year and started again, but ive found, and i found this the odd time i played wehen i gave up, it takes me about 1 minute for the Cod loading screen to clear and takle me to the main menu, and a further 2 n a half to 3 minutes to load a map! its like im on 56k again its horrible... me n my brother have the same computer, both with 60gb external hardrives for our music so that should not be affecting our gameplay, although his gameplay has stayed the same and is as quick as it has ever been...takes about 20secs or less to load a map? when mine loads i often get timed out n get the message "server disconnected" so i reconnect n go in ideas how to fix this? thanx!