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#1 13 years ago

I play COD Multi-player frequently and get my butt kicked frequently. I went into spectator mode and followed the game leaders. Their games seem to run much faster than mine. They said there is some commands you can type in to speed the game up some. It had something to do with the maxing out the fps. i saw your discussion on fps but its way too technical for my level of understanding. Is it possible for someone to give me a step by step process (with syntax) on how to do this or give me a link where I can go to accomplish this?? I have a decent ping (70-90), but would take suggestions on how to lower that too. It gets kinda frustrating to be half a second behind the rest of the world. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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#2 13 years ago

is this about cod2, if not you asked at the wrong place, but anyway system specs would be g8. you can tweak a game by commands to make it fit your needs somewhat better, you can find a decent/basic guide on TweakGuides.com some tips: get All-Seeing Eye, its a server finder app, filter out to show servers only from your country or close to it because 70-90 ping is not decent (at least not in my book), and wireless connections are not really good for gaming online. if the game is cod2, and you dont have a too good pc then set the visual settings lower, like the rendering from Auto/DX9 to Directx7 will give quite a boost. also bring down the console and write in "\com_maxfps 250" and "\cg_drawfps 1" without quotes. the first is for uncapping the fps so you wont be stuck at 90, the 2nd is for showing the fps on screen. you can also write in "\cg_drawlagometer 1" this will show a little box, if you see its very fuzzy you can tell something is wrong. red lines indicate packet loss meaning data got lost while transfered between you and the server