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#1 10 years ago

not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this, didnt see much about my topic else where so here goes. I am an admin on a COD2 server. We keep it clean, no foul language, hax, etc. I ran into a player the other day that could not stop using foul language, antagonizing other players, etc, so i started with just kicking, he comes back and continues, i give him a temp ban, he is back immediately, i give him a perma ban and still nothing, he comes back and asked why he cant be banned by the *** server etc. need help, any appreciated.



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#2 10 years ago

If you're banning him by PB GUID (assuming PB is enabled) and he's coming right back then he's using a keygen, Check your servers GuidRelax settings, GuidRelax should be set to 0.

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// PB_SV_GUIDRelax[0-7] - Controls PunkBuster's kicking behavior related to PB GUIDS. // UNKN GUIDs = Unknown ( invalid ) // WRONGIP GUIDs = valid but not from the IP the player is connecting from ( ?? ) // // 0 = Kick for UNKN GUIDs, WRONGIP GUIDs and DUPLICATE GUIDs. // 1 = Kick for WRONGIP GUIDs and DUPLICATE GUIDs // 2 = Kick for UNKN guid and DUPLICATE GUIDs // 3 = Kick for DUPLICATE GUIDs. // 4 = Kick for UNKN guid and WRONGIP GUIDs // 5 = Kick for WRONGIP GUIDs . // 6 = Kick for UNKN guid // 7 = DO NOT Kick for UNKN guid, WRONGIP GUIDs and DUPLICATE GUIDs.

pb_sv_GUIDRelax 0 // [0-7] Default= 0 ( See above )

You could also ban his IP range.

PB_SV_BanMask [IP Address / Subnet Mask] Permanently bans players from joining the server from the specified IP Address / Subnet Mask; for example: issuing PB_SV_BanMask "12.34." will cause PB to deny access to all players trying to join from an IP Address that begins with "12.34."; These bans are written to the pbbans.dat file just like bans issued with the PB_SV_Ban command