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#1 9 years ago

Now, here's an maybe interesting question..

I have been wondering, is there any chances that I can download cod2 MP voice commands in regular audio format or convert or extract them?

Because every audio modification I down, it's in .iwd format. I'm working on my home made WWII film, and it's based on other game in which i'm filming it, but as far as I know, cod2 has really the best sounds that soldiers are yelling ... such as "surpressing fire, hold that position, move in, i'm on my way" and many others I can use in my film. Also, on some cod2 servers I saw interesting mods with other voice commands that are like shouting and swear on the other side.

Thank you in advance!

and kinda, sorry for my probably bad English


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8th June 2009

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#2 9 years ago

If downloading the files confound you endlessly, why not try to record the sounds from a good sound source using a good mic? That definitely speeds up your development. You won't have to think about conversions and stuff.


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#3 9 years ago

Yeah, I was thinking bout recording those sounds from cod2 but that would took me too much time. And also I have seen some servers with voice commands that swears to the other side .. maybe you have IP's of those servers with that kind of mods?

I can give you the very first beta version Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! [60mb] It's shooted on GTA SA-MP game platform and this is just a one little part. We plan to make a whole movie with a lot of battling, aeroplane fights, tank divisions, assaults and many others.

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