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#1 12 years ago

Clan tag: [COLOR=red]^1-={MH}=-[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Sgthaarde[/COLOR] Clan Leaders: Janh95 Sgthaarde Website: Modder's Hell

Recruiting rules: All members can recruite. On all servers, find some good peeps, and ask'em to join, let them make a application here. Games Played: CSS, CS, CSCZ, DODS, BF2, COD2, BF2142, B2SM, BF1942, TRTR, SWOWW2, FH, BF2: SF, BF:V, COD, EF, COD4, BF2:AF, CODUO, CS 1.5, MOH:A, FCW, FEARXP, COD2 Server: None yet, coming soon... Rules: Have fun! No flaming. Hacking, flaming, sucking, being rude is NOT allowed in our clan!:moon::beer: