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Welcome to our world, known as the 101st airborne, Easy Company Unit. We were first established when Call of Duty UO came out circa 2003, kept strong through Call of Duty 2 and here were are today, with the emergence of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. We are a tactical unit that uses battlefield intelligence and skill to over come any adversary. There is an age limit of 14+ to join and you must be mature and respectful to everyone. In all we are a fun loving group of online combatants that are just looking to kick some ass. If this sounds like the type of unit you are looking for, by all means we are welcomed to have you. T/5. Skinny Public Relations Head Quarters Easy Company 101st Airborne Site: 101st Easy Company Xfire: deltaflash TS: available upon request (don’t like people spamming it) Vent: n/a Server: n/a (will be up and running within the week)