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101st Easy.Co Clan History. As told by 2Lt.Anderson

Good times. Bad times. Friendships. Enemies. Brothers. These help define the Easy. Co legacy. From humble beginnings, Jacob “Winters” Kitchen has molded together an inseparable team of friends across the globe. Though our numbers fluctuate, and our name becomes ever more common in the Call of Duty community, we still remain the one true Easy Company.

We have survived together through 2 years of gaming, and are still going strong. We are more than your ordinary gaming “clan” however. Our core members represent a true “Band of Brothers” if you will. We talk, we laugh, and we are real people, and have formed great friendships with each other, despite having never met each other, and many of us are separated by an entire ocean. Yet we remain strong, and we remain Brothers. My time begins during the United Offensive Foy campaign. This was initiated 2 years ago this July, and definitely represents a peak in Easy Company’s strength in numbers. As a team, this was a grand time to join, as our numbers were large and our time together was well spent actively executing various tactics, though mostly on Foy. It was in this time that most of the leaders you see now bonded together as a single fighting unit. We constantly studied maps, memorized buildings and chokepoints. We were seemingly unstoppable at the time. However, come Christmas 2005, Call of Duty 2 was released, and a new age for us had begun.

Things weren’t so bad at first, we had a server up within a few weeks of release and our numbers were still strong. We had a steady and active community forum up and running as well by this time, and things were going well. We went through a few organizational reforms in early 2006, but nothing extreme. We definitely had a lot of good games and tons of good practices. We reached a new high point in the team, if not in numbers, the quality time we had together was unbeatable. Us leaders were doing our best to make the game fun and exciting on a tactical level. Though, lack of decent TR mods at the time and with a still young community, the CoD2 community seemed to be a little unsatisfying. People were coming and going in the team, a few struggles here and there with members. In the fall of 2006, things were inevitably winding down, with many of our core leaders inactive due to various after-school activities, and with school, time zones were now an issue. People became less active due to jobs or sports. By Early 2007, it seemed we were a dying and doomed team, like all the others. Heated arguments were constantly coming up, and many were leaving. Luckily, there still remained that bond between many of the members, and a strong friendship between those who you see today as your CO’s and officers, including myself.

We made full reform and switched back over to UO. It seemed we were having fun as a team again, and members starting trickling back, along with new ones. We held together and stayed a strong, fun-loving team for a few more months. Now, here we are, back into the CoD2 community, keeping ourselves alive as best we can. Our friendships remain. Though, there are more struggles ahead before we will be fully stable again, I’m fully confident in all our members that we can pull through. We finally have a wonderful website and a new forum. I think a new surge, and a new age for Easy. Co, will begin. One of prosperity and strength. With many more team-based game opportunities coming throughout the year, it will be hard to avoid switching games to keep us interested and alive. Though nothing is confirmed, before the end of this summer, we will have switched games. We have survived through many hard times, and have definitely had our good times. Our friendships haven’t broken. Our Brotherhood hasn’t broken. A new time for us is at hand, and we will seize any opportunity to strengthen ourselves further. We are a Band of Brothers. We are Easy Company. And we will always Stand Alone, Together.


We are currently not in any ladders because we run the WRM mod and are a tactical realism clan, but there is a Realism league comming out shortly and we will be enrolling in that.

If you are looking to have fun, relive the past, and be one of the brothers from easy company feel free to join us at, http://www.101ezairborne.com

You can reach me through xfire. My screen name is deathmeter.