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27th August 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Effective 12NOV07, the 1st Cavalry Division Gaming Coalition has commissioned D Company "Death Dealers" into the Brigade. This company will report to the main division staff and will serve alongside our BF1942:Forgotten Hope, BF2, and BF2142 units. I am not allowing any of my current members to transfer to D Co. I would like fresh officers and members. If you have COD4 or will be obtaining it soon, then you need to look towards the cav. What we are and offer: 1. Tactical Realism Unit based in honor of the real 1st Cav, Ft Hood, TX 2. Staffed by adults, all prior service members from WWII up through Operation Iraqi Freedom. 3. Drama Free!!!! 4. Unit that has been in service since 2003. We may not be the biggest or have the best website, but we are a tight knit team. We know when to play and when to work. So if your tired of the "kiddo" run half @$$ units/clans, then come see us. You can either visit us at http://www.firstteam.clanservers.com or you may Xfire me personally at SGTJADEN. NOTE: All those applying for the below listed positions need to XFIRE me first: Company Commander Company Executive Officer Company First Sergeant This company has room for 5 Officers (CPT, 1LT, 2LTx3), 3 Senior NCO's (1SG, SFCx3), and 12 active members. Basic Requirements: *Must be active. we don't ask for 2 hours a day like some, but 6 a week is our current standard. Most of us are on alot more. *Must be 15yrs of age (14 allowed with commander waiver) *Must be mature and ready to train. Other Benefits: With us having 3 other active companies, we have servers up for you to relax on other games with the other companies. Come have some fun for once and let us do the hard stuff. cav.gif