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Sniper Guy

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13th November 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Again and again you see countless numbers of clans/units/groups here recruiting. From laid back to full out brutal realistic. Question is, where did they all come from and how would you, the gamer, choose between them all? Obviously we are recruiting, but I felt that it would be useful to help assist you in this endeavor. My name is P.Byrne, I am the company commander of the 1st Cavalry Division COD 4 Death Dealers. How do you know I have the ability to assist you? That is the easy part. I'm 26yrs old, a 2nd Lt. in the USAF. I have been running groups ranging from: Call of duty, UO, and Cod 2 Battlefield 2, 2142 And alot more. I have been involved in gaming groups of some sort since I was 16yrs old. NOW............onto the question at hand. What do you want? Do you want laid back? do you want realistic? There are a great number of groups advertised here that offer both. But for the sake of my own unit, I am going to offer you the "1st Team" We have been gaming for years. We have found that fine line between realism and laid back..............and we exploit that fine line well. We are technically a "Tactical Realism Unit" but know when to sit back and relax. We have active and populated companies for: 1. Battlefield 1942: Forgotten Hope-1 server 2. Battlefield 2 (all expansions)-2 servers 3. Battlefield 2142-1 Server 4. Cod 4 So if your into COD 4, are mature, and have leadership experience, I REALLY need you in the unit. We are commanded and staffed entirely by prior military and police dept members. So if your into realism, and want to see what life in the military is like..........WITHOUT the enlisting and the free trip to Iraq, contact us at: http://www.firstteam.clanservers.com or you may contact me personally on XFire at: sniperguy1


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27th August 2007

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#2 13 years ago

We finally have our server up and running for you COD4 addicts. Don't be a clan member, be part of a family. Run by adults, played by adults. Lets go people, shy is not in the vocab here.