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13th November 2004

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#1 10 years ago

dedicationkh5.png dedicationkh5.11b5a45630.jpg Gamers, what is it you look for? Realism? Fun? Tactics? Structure? Ok then you got it. The 1st Team is still looking for active gamers that are die hard gamers. We have found that fine line between tactical realism and laid back fun. Led by members of the actual U.S. Army, we have what it takes to be called an actual "Tactical Realism Unit". From a 61yr old retired U.S. Army Major, ex platoon sergeants, retired officers, we have it. THIS MY FRIENDS, is where other realism units lack. You can only use so much of what you can dig off the internet. We have what they can't get, actual military experience. We know how to make it work for the unit and for you........the gamer. Why? Some people are either too young, or cannot serve in the service. We give them a taste of what it would be like.......................minus the daily P.T. at 0500hrs. Don't run with a unit that just sees you as a number and your own platoon mates don't even know your name. As in the real cavalry, we feel more as a family than a gaming unit. And that is one of my standing orders. We have 8+ servers up and running, ranked and unranked for these games: * BF2 (including all expansions) * BF2142 (including Northern Strike and Titan) * BF1942:Forgotten Hope * Call of Duty 4 * America's Army (in planning stages) * Battlefield 2:Forgotten Hope 2 (in planning stages) And for those who are into aviation, we also have a dedicated server that runs compatible for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 and X. XO'S Note: I have been in gaming since 1993, I have either been active or created and run units ranging from , to MOH, COD, and BF2 units. I care about EVERY one of my team members. And the friends I have in other online units can verify that information. Come be part of a team that cares about it's members. Visit us at First Team or contact me on Xfire at ID Sniperguy1 deathdealerzh6.jpg


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24th October 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Infantry hate the cav....

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28th March 2005

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#3 10 years ago

Hey, I checked out your website. Looks nice, Im currently looking for a CoD4 clan, i havent been in one yet, Im a veteran from all other CoD's and used to play online all the time i had spare. lol Unfortunately i went to NZ early last year, and have just arrived back in UK. I thought i'd be rather crap at gaming with such a long break, but i've got the hang of it all again. Im really into the whole team playing =P I usually just follow people about giving support, and covering fire and o forth! Anyways, i signed up to your websites forum, and as soon as you allow me to post, i was wondering if i could put a app. In to join?