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We're a COD4 clan looking for new members. |1st MD| Is A Tactical Realism Clan. We have rules, yet we like to kick back and have fun too . The rank structure we have are leaders and followers . We are the best COD4 Tactical Realism clan with a undefeated streak of 28-0. We only except the best players in Call of Duty 4 Tactical Realism. We are currently in TWL and Realism1. Realism1 Is a tactical realism league for those of you who don’t know. For More info check out www.realism1.com . The People we recruit are 16+ if you are under 16 we have exceptions for people that are really mature and follow our rules. |1st MD| has One Game Server and One Ventrilo Server and we plan to also get a scrim server, Also our ventrillo server is for members, Recruits ,and trusted friends of the unit. If you would like to join our vent please contact us on X-Fire. Some other games we play are CoD2, CoH, and Deer Hunter 2005 MP to take a break from CoD4 or we play other games to relax after a scrim. |1st MD| was founded by Lucas and co-founded by Walter. We have drills every week to refresh on tactics and scrim spots. For further information or questions and comments please check out our forums!

Recruitment: The |1st MD| clan recruiters are actively looking for new members. If you are interested in applying for a position within this clan and give a teamwork attitude please visit our recruitment forums. (Its in our forums)

Call Of Duty 4 Tactical Realism Server [20 slot]

Game Server IP: SITE: www.1stmd.net

Contact http://www.1stmd.net/contact.html

Xfire: 2mike3