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#1 12 years ago

RecruitingPostergrey.jpg If you are an adult CoD4 player that enjoys a clan atmosphere devoid of youngsters, then we welcome you to stop by our website and see what we have to offer. The 3/77th is a US Army realism clan which is structured as a company sized unit complete with an HQ platoon and 3 regular platoons. We are focussed on having a great time with people that we get to know very well. We use our ranks on the A Co. roster, and we use them when we train for matches. Other than that, we are a totally laid back bunch of guys that whoop it up in Teamspeak when we get time away from our very busy, adult lives. Feel free to contact A Co. 1st Sgt. BLACKSIX, our our executive officer 1st Lt. Spawn, for any additional information that you may wish to review before signing on with us. If you do stop by to check us out at blackopsgaming.org , please take your time to nose around while there. Many hours of hard work have been invested into it and we kinda like to show it off. I hope that any US Army retired, US Army reserve, US Army National Guard, active duty US Army, or even dependants of our fine US Army soldiers, will take notice of our community and stop in for a chat. We admire all of you, and the daily sacrifices that you make. As you can probably already gather, we have clan leadership with prior US Army experience (3/77 Armor) , and even one US Coasty that is on active duty up in Valdez Alaska. Currently, we run three gameservers and one Teamspeak server for our members to enjoy. There are no clan dues required, and there are only a few simple rules which anyone with common sense and integrity will have no problem following. Upon posting your desire to sign up with Alpha Co., at our inprocessing station section of the 3/77 forums, the Drill Sergeants will take you on a very quick tour of the clan. They will explain clan life at Alpha Co. and inform you of what is expected from every member that joins us. The Drills will also make sure that you get all of the programs set up, that are required by A Co. HQ. These include: Xfire Teamspeak GTACTIX COD4 As soon as the Drills verify that you understand the rules of Alpha Co. and that you also are versed in the ways of each program listed above, you will be given permission to tag up. Alpha Co. HQ will place you into a platoon and assign you a rank. Promotions and awards are available for all members. This may seem silly to some, but it does fit into the US Army way of life, so we proudly carry on the traditon here at Alpha Co. I look forward to meeting many of you adult CoD4 soldiers soon! 3/77 A Co. First Sergeant BLACKSIX "Out"