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Since 2003, military realism has been defined by one unit. Taking the America's Army, Call of Duty 4 and Armed Assault communities by storm, the 75th Ranger Regiment has upheld it's values and standards with exceptional leadership, impeccable organisation and the dedication of it's Rangers.

Being a Ranger is the single most rewarding online experience you will ever know. If you think you have what it takes to stand tall in the ranks of the greatest realism unit in the world, the 75th Ranger Regiment actively recruits all year round, all around the world! If you are over Fifteen years of age, have a microphone, TeamSpeak and a copy of Armed Assault, Call of Duty 4 or America's Army then you are eligible to apply to our great Regiment.

The enlistment process begins with an application form. If this meets a satisfactory level, a candidate is then interviewed by a member of the Ranger Recruitment Office. After answering a series of questions to the satisfaction of the RRO, they are then assigned to a Tango Training Squad as a Private Trainee (E-1). In this squad, they will undertake our infamous Ranger Indoctrination Programme which inclues rigourous training, qualification courses, tests, inspections, and culminates with the proudest moment of any Ranger's career; wearing the Ranger Scroll upon his sleeve. If an enlistee makes it this far, he/she can then proudly call himself a 75th Ranger, and will be assigned to one of our great squads, steeped in tradition and honor. We also have a number of Duty offices if you wish to contribute as a recruiter, graphic designer, drill instructor, or any of our many positions!

If this sounds good to you, then head over to the home of the 75th Ranger Regiment, 75th Ranger Regiment and introduce yourself. You can also contact a Recruiter if you have any questions via our RRO Xfire group at Ranger Recruiting Office 75th Rangers (rro75thr) or pop on our public teamspeak server at We also have a number of servers for all of our official games, most of which are open to guests to enjoy.

So if you think you have what it takes, enlist today!