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20th February 2007

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#1 12 years ago

A very new clan has just come into the ranks of CoD4, Acaulis, this is my first time running a clan but not the firast time i have been in one, those who may have played JKA in it's time may of heard of |JP|, i come from this clan, Acaulis is a kind of branch off from |JP|, it is run in pretty much the same way. I am mainly looking for Australian players perferably 13+ as stated on our forums here but it is not a [COLOR=black]necessity[/COLOR]. Acaulis Clan I am looking for 1 other person to help be an administrator of the board and 2-3 moderators, we are very new so we dont have a server as of yet. but in the future after we grow, there will be the posiblity of getting one. though we have an application system, i will make you guys a deal, the first 5 people to sign up to the forums will be an instant member, sign up WITHOUT tags, i'll add them on later when i do the permission masks.