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14th August 2005

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We are officially up and running in COD4 after a very successful run in Battlefield 2. Officially, we are a clan that caters to Quebec players mainly, though we have some American and English-speaking players (included myself, bilingual ;O).In any case, here is our server information. We are only starting out and have some kind of experience in COD4 but that's about it. We are open to any and all suggestions regarding server settings, modes, mods, maps, and anything in between.

Of course, we are looking for new recruits but above all, we are looking for regular players in our server. Since we are all 18 and over in our clan, we'd appreciate 18+ applicants, though obviously that is tentative and subject to exception.

Server name: 24/7 Crossfire [ATAS] Server IP: Server type: TDM Server map: Crossfire Server slots: 20 (otherwise its chaos)

You may find our clan over at ATAS TEAM BF2 or directly at our forums: Team [ATAS]

We are looking for active, regular players to populate our server. Since our forums are in French, I'm available for discussion/suggestions/inquiries over Xfire. You can reach me by adding tehgobeh to your contact list or directly at our forums.

Enjoy the fragging!