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#1 13 years ago

[ATF]Allied Task Force is recruiting players ages 16+ for World in Conflict and Call Of Duty 4. We are looking for people who are dedicated, and willing to do what it takes to achieve victory and have fun doing it in the games we play. Our team has been around for three years and we are all good friends. We have played many games together including Battlefield 2, Desert Combat, FEAR, and World in Conflict and also Call Of Duty 4. Our team did very well in all of our past competition and we intend to do the same for World in Conflict and Call Of Duty 4. We were #1 in the Point of Existence 2 ladder and did very well in all the other BF2 ladders we were in.

We practice three times a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm est. If you are a solid, dedicated team player, who will fulfill all of our requirements, consider joining us.

http://alliedtaskforce.net email: [email]abyss.908@gmail.com[/email] xfire: abyss908