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#1 11 years ago

{BofB} Band of Brothers clan are recruiting for Call of duty 4.

Hi my name is {BofB}JoshH, I am one of the 3 leaders in this clan.

Our objective is to create a "Band of Brothers" where everybody can have fun and can get support from our team members.

Our members are supported by our professional and friendly Staff that are dedicated to keep this gaming environment a good and fun place to be, gaming with your gaming friends online will be the best you had for years! We currently have 5 members which are all dedicated and will support the clan. We have two COD4 servers and a Teamspeak server. We will play in all available clan wars and ladders related to Call of duty 4. COD4 Server IP’s: Uk Server: Server: Teamspeak IP: TS server: Pass: BofBts To join our clan you must have: 1.)Mic 2.)COD4 3.)Teamepeak 4.)Xfire

Our team is here to help! Experience the dedicated gaming team we offer and feel free to request to join our fun and skilled based clan! If you are one of the interested visitors that would like to join the Band of Brothers Community please feel free to visit our website, Band of Brothers Clan | The Offical Band of Brothers Community! for more information about joining!

Don’t we afraid to talk to us on teamspeak for further information, also please add my Xfire name: joshh16 Band of brothers community, Josh