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#1 13 years ago

Hi All, Hope you stop by, check us out. If not to join us then to challenge us! Clan name: The Blood Squad - Angels = 1st CoD4 Squad Website: http://www.thebloodsquad.co.uk History: Founders and many of our members have been around and playing together since RTCW, CoD & CoD2. Some even as far back as Quake. Other games you play: Solely dedicated to CoD4:MW Requirements: 18+ and English Speaking European Contact: IRC: Quakenet - #=\BsA/= Mail: [EMAIL="root@thebloodsquad.co.uk"]root@thebloodsquad.co.uk[/EMAIL] xFire: B4ndy Or simply drop by our website and say hi on the boards. Happy fragging! B4ndy.