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New COD 2/4 Servers For your Gaming Pleasure :)

First a little about us. Clan Info: No Bullshit Clan NoBS| was formed in early May of 2007. No Bullshit was create to improve inner clan problems such as abuse of power, disrespect, and equality. The Name No Bullshit is a code for our clan members to remind them at all times the bullshit will always stop here. Our clan stands by that motto with respect, honor and integrity. We do not tolerate cheating in any way and will help keep cheating away from our servers. As a clan we hope to make the game as fun and competitive as possible in a respectful manner.we are 50+ members strong with all great gaming abilities. We participate in TWL! In July 2009 NoBS| Was reinvented, with massive changes made to both our member base and servers to increase our growth potential. Those who know us from the past will be shocked at the changes we have made. Come see for yourself @ NoBS

Now to the Guts and Glory, The Servers and IP'S!

cod4icon.jpg Our Cod4 servers are some of the best servers you'll find on the net. Currently we run 2 stock public servers, and A Zombie Server, BTD Mod(massive blood and gore killing zombies),RK Mod, and a PRO MOD server.

HARDCORE[COLOR=red]28961[/COLOR] b_560x95.png

SD[COLOR=red]28960[/COLOR] b_560x95.png

Zombies[COLOR=red]28962[/COLOR] b_560x95.png

BTD ZOMBIE KILLERS[COLOR=red]28964[/COLOR] b_560x95.png

RK Mod Server[COLOR=red]28965 [/COLOR] b_560x95.png

PRO Mod Server[COLOR=red]28968 [/COLOR] b_560x95.png

cod2_icon.jpg We Run a Highly Competative Rifles Server. 1 Shot 1 Kill, not for the weak of heart, a really great place to learn though. RIfles b_560x95.png

Our cod2 server is one of a kind, with a great mix of custom and stock maps in an UNLIMITED MAP ROTATION! We currently have 150 + maps in our rotation with about 50 custom maps! Custom Mod[COLOR=red]28966 [/COLOR] b_560x95.png

940472-modern2_gdc09_trl_siberia_032509_qthighwide_thumb_ign_super.jpg With COD6 AKA MW:2 right around the corner, there hasn't been a better time to get gaming with us, as we plan to hit COD6 hard and heavy from day 1.

See ya on the killing fields