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#1 6 years ago

[SIZE="7"]CGTK Clan[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]Combining Gaming To Killer[/SIZE] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this thread there will be 5 Spaces, 1 For each section. Those 5 Spaces Are:

Clan Members Clan Require Ments Clan Console Clan Games Intro --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1 [Intro] ------------------------- CGTK Stands For Combining Gaming To Killer. Kick-Ass Gaming Clan, That has 2 Whole Different Games! To The Ammo To The Gun, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4. Then There's That Epic Game From RockStar Games But Updated. GTA San Multyplayer/Samp For Short. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 2 [Clan Games] --------------------------------- This Clan Runs On GTA SA Samp/GTA SAN Multy player, And Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The Servers Are Not Up Yet. But, We can still Join other Servers. GTA SAMP Server should get Posted Soon. Call Of Duty Server Will have to Wait. BUT like i said we can still Join Other Kick-Ass Servers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 3 [Clan Console] -------------------------------------- This Clan Runs For PC. GTA SAMP: PC COD4: PC ------------------------------------ Section 4 [RequireMents] --------------------------------- Must Be Mature Must Be Active Must Be Active in GTA Samp & COD4 Multy. Must Have Samp Downloaded [Free, Search GTA SAMP On Google] Or Have COD4 Downloaded [We Use Steam, Cost 15$ To Download] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 5 [Members] ---------------------------- COD 4: 2 GTA SAMP: 2 Total Members: 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Ending] ----------------------------------------------- Contact us! XXSoundWave Might Change. [Youtube] [email][/email] [Yahoo] Clan Website: [SIZE="7"]CGTKCLAN.TK[/SIZE] We Do Record Matches From COD4!

We Also Have A GFX Team. If You Can Make Us A Samp Server For Free That Would Be Great! If You Can Make us a COD4 Server For Free That Would Be Great!