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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys!

I would like to invite anyone who like to just be laid back, and be able to play without being forced to play good in your clan. We are about 4 months into the clans life and we are still pretty unknown. If you would like to join, Please go to our website and click "apply to |ESF|. Skill is not a necessity here, we play for fun. As I have said, we are pretty laid back, and non competitive, and have a good amount of servers. Please, take a second and drop by, and if you like, apply. :D You can reach me at my information in my signature.


  • [COLOR="Yellow"]|ESF| TeamSpeak 3[/COLOR] - [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Killhouse/Vacant[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| 24/7 Hardcore[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Backlot/Crash [/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Broadcast/Crossfire[/COLOR] - [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Demon Mod Server [/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Zombie Server [/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]
  • [COLOR="yellow"]|ESF| Overgrown/Creek [/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"][/COLOR]