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#1 10 years ago

Brief Clan Description: Hello, for all those people looking to join a clan to improve their skills, get better, find a good organized clan, or just to find some people to play with. This might be the clan for you. We have members from all skill levels, if your just looking to play the game with a clan that's fine. We don't judge on what you are when you join just as long as you try your hardest to get better at w/e game you join in at with out clan. We have practice games as much as possible, play as a strong group of players and keep everything under control. Don't be afraid to ask to join as long as you promise to work at your skill you are welcome. We have more then our fair share of good members within the clan its self. We are a very organized, large, skillful and great clan to join.We use strategy and teamwork to achieve our goals. We have alot of fun playing together and we use communication and various tactics to win. We play with integrity and skill. We respect our opponents and always treat them fairly by never glitching or cheating. We emphasize the use of teamwork as alone we are just good, but together we are excellent. We hope to see you on the Battlefield. TO JOIN OUR GROWING CLAN ADD DJTJ1994 ON COD4 XBl ONLY!! THEN CHANGE YOU CLAN TAG TO PAXX! THANKS! we also have a myspace page!! check it out. - PAXX CLAN (COD4-XBL) - 29 - Male - WASHINGTON, Washington DC - <<<<<<<<<<<<<< JUST SEND A SIMPLE MESSAGE ON COD4 SAYING YOU WANT TO JOIN AND SEND A FRIEND REQUEST! ITS THAT EASY!! m_1c75d654d303b6a909eb45c8a49ce3a8.jpg