Cod2/4:The Shadow Council Mafia! Looking for Relaxed Gamers of all ages!(Squad Based) -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

Hey Guys, Are you looking for a Fun, Relaxed, Squad Based Clan? Well, look no farther than The Shadow Council Mafia! We are constantly striving to achieve one of the best gaming environments around! One of the ways we do this is by having a few simple guidelines in place. 1 we ask that our members do not cuss, We believe this helps keep with a lighter atmosphere. 2 If Your not having fun there is something seriously wrong!

Another thing About SCM is, We are Primarily Squad based. Meaning, When you receive your full {SCM} tags you will also be assigned to a "Shadow Squad". Each Shadow Squad consists of a "Councilman" 2 "Team Leaders" and 4 "Squad Members". You do not have to be good to join, once you join we will train you in the basics of COD warfare, as well as Squad Tactics, How to work as a team, and how to PWN any and all opponents.

In the Near Future we will be looking for players to help us admin the servers, If you are a mature member, who believes in helping us make SCM all it can be, you may end up with a * after your name and an RCON password to boot!

We Currently host multiple servers in both Cod2 And Cod4! **We are also looking for players with modding experience**

For more info Check out The Shadow Council Mafia Or add {SCM}Albeato (albeato) or {SCM}Dekori (clonewars217) to xfire