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First let me tell all who read this thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I am the Founder/Owner of Delta Force 13 an XBOX Live gaming clan, which was founder Feb 08. Our clan became an instant hit with members as we offered them a lot in return for their activity, we have since cut our roster of inactive players or members who no longer play COD4 for one reason or another.

Now we are re-vamping the clan from the bottom up to make improvements and adding new features to our forum all the time. Our clan was founded on the basis of having fun, being mature and competitive when the need calls for it. We are not looking for any who joins clans to leave them in a week, we are looking for people who are dedicated COD4 players and want to be a part of something for the long hall.

Our clan has two branches right now a US Branch which follows US Military ranking and a UK Branch which follows UK Military Ranking. We promote according to your activity and willingness to learn and lead.

When our members do something that goes beyond expectations they receive rewards and medals for such. We hold in clan challenges, tournaments for prizes, we help to raise money for charities through holding tournaments with other clans and such. We are going to be adding a Ladder/Tournament system to our website to give our members a better look at rankings in game and where they stand on the in clan ladder. This ladder will also be opened up to other clans who wish to register on it and use to challenge us or accept challenges from other clans involved in the system. We don't force anyone into tryouts, as if you are not that good at COD4, through teamwork and such you will improve. We are looking for Mature players or any age. If you are interested please check out our website and fill out an application.

Our Website is: You can also contact me directly through the following with any and all questions you might have.

Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] AIM: sabbatcardinal YIM: MSN: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] I look forward to seeing any and all new faces to the clan...

Thank you -Ghost