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[COLOR="Green"]Hello Guys and Gals.

My Name is Rob aka Robwob I own a CoD4 Clan that has been going for nearly a year,And were still improving and Growing Strong.I Formed this clan a month after CoD4 Came out,Me and my Mates just wanted to make a fun clan for Gamers and once people wanted to join we said this clan might go some were and so far it has improved and getting better.

Delta9 has two CoD4 Servers, One goes offline during the night because the dedi box needs to cool down our server ips:

.: D9:. Clan Softcore server

.: D9:. Clan Hardcore Server

We have Funny and Mature members that love to game, we have members that are just dam funny which have humour, And Really good members that play CoD4, We have been on a recruiting frenzy over the last 2 weeks.

Our Clan uses the British army ranking structure, This has started 3 months into the clan and all members think its a great idea because it gives all members challenges to do and complete and to rank up and gain admin.

We Train Two times a week: Thursday --- 7:45 PM GMT Friday --- 7:50 PM GMT

We Train for Basic Tactics and ways to win, We give each member kits to use and practice with for matches or trainings.

I would also like to add that we have a 100 slot teamspeak which is Active and is online 24/7, Their are some rules for teamspeak which we will tell you once your in the clan. ip:

Our Website that i would say is pretty frigging amazing is @ Delta9 Clan, we have a splash page which is a intro to the site, its a movie of the british army ( SBS & RMC ) Its a good clip so feel free to watch it and register and post on our website and putting a application in the join us forum.

Well thank you very much for reading this and i hope you decide to join Delta9 Clan and have a blast.