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Recruiting1.pngIntroduction I want to welcome you to Echo Company, 2/1. We are a group of people from all walks of life and from all over the world emulating a US Marine Corps Rifle Company. I say unit and not clan because we do differ. In our attempts to emulate a Marine Corps unit we use military ranks, etiquette and courtesies. We have these things in place for several reasons.

* We want to immerse ourselves as though we are re-enacting as modern soldiers * When ever a group of people work towards a common goal there needs to be some form of leadership in place * We want our members to learn about the unit we represent * We realize unlike the real Corps, once you sign up you can leave.

We don't have an age limit, because we look for maturity and everyone deserves a chance to show their worth. We don't care that you aren't an elite gamer, you don't have to be "high speed" in order to join. That adds to the realism. People bring different skill sets to the unit and thats what we are looking for, realism.

Training. There will be training. Recruits will attend a 4 week Recruit training. You will learn things as basic as forming a line and column, to forming a column of two's. You will also learn modern small unit urban tactics employed by the USMC. We will have several manuals that members can refer to at any time on our forums.

Growth. Like the real military I put a great deal of responsibility on the NCO's. Chain of command is very important. If a member isn't "high speed", then it's the responsibility of that members NCO and commissioned officers to help that member. Why? Because Commissioned and non commissioned officers are teachers. Promotions are given out on the following criteria.

* Need - It looks odd having too many chiefs and not enough Indians. * Leadership - You have to be willing to step up and lead, teamwork is essential, it's the only way to work. * Activity - speaks for itself, if you are not around...what's the point.


Its simple really. Try to be active, realizing that this is a game, real world comes first. That being said, it doesn't take much to post in the forums posting a Leave of Absence or (LOA) to let us know your situation. Just as we respect your time, don't waste the time of those who are contributing their time. It's a respect thing. For those who can't be as active on the server as they would like, there is always activity on the forums.

Game play We ask that as a unit member you play on our server. It is our responsibility as unit members to fill the server, not "public" players. Public players will pass over an empty server in a heartbeat.

Keep things tactical. Follow orders by superiors, treat each other and public players with respect. Pretty simple.

Contributions to the cause

I maintain the server, TeamSpeak and the web site. Donations to our paypal account are asked for, but they are not expected. What is asked for is this, if you can't not or are not willing to part with your cash, then please donate your time. I think it's a fair trade off.

If you want more info you can contact me on Xfire with the username Panzerdog or look me up on TS. Team Speak IP: Team Speak Password: tripoli COD4 Server: