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-Elite Sniper Warfare- is Recruiting Members and Admins (Limited slots for admin) Visit eswarfare.com Jobs Open at the moment: -Euro Team Leader You will be responsible for: -Finding members to join the Euro Division -Getting a Euro server or donations for a Euro server -Managing Euro Team -CoD4 CO-Leader You will be responsible for: -Helping with getting members for the CoD4 Division -Helping to Manage the CoD4 Division -Combat Arms Leader and co-leader You will be responsible for: -Finding members to join the Combat Arms Division -Setting Up a Game Room when you are online -Managing Combat Arms Division -Clan Match Arrainger You will be responsible for: -Finding war Leagues -Arranging matches We are looking for members who think fun is the most important part in a game. Our members should: - Be at least 16 years of age - Be able to communicate in english with ventrilo v3.0.1 - Allways be friendly and respectfull to other gamers - Be in posession of an original CoD4 or BF2 game - Be active ingame and on the forums on regular bases - Have X-fire installed - Have the latest punkbuster client installed We offer: - A 15 Player Public Ventrilo Server - A 36 Player Public HC TDM Call of Duty 4 Server #1 - A 36 Player Public HC TDM Call of Duty 4 Server #2 - Streaming punkbuster on both CoD4 Servers - Streamint to PBbans on CoD4 Server #1 - PC and game support for members - A website with forums and downloads If you are having problems with the recruitment processes add Disturbed (mcplgagnon) to xfire and ask him for help We have started out with only 3 Brothers who played for a long time in First Person Shooters games such as the Battlefield Series and MMORPGS such as Diablo, Diablo 2 and even some RTS games like Starcraft and Warcraft. After a few years of joining countless clans that you had to pay a fee to be a member of we decided that we would start are own 100% FREE clan that started with only Battlefield 2 and have now expanded to Call of Duty 4 with members from around the world most of which come from North America however we hope to expand our clan to have a Euro team aswell as a North American Team. We hope that with your help we can someday support many more games and add to our server list. Altho are clan is a FREE clan we as many clans do accept Donations that get payed directly to our server host you can find the link on our main site. Interested? Do you think you fit in or can help us out? Visit us at Elite Sniper Warfare all you need to know is in our forums. If you do wish to join Look for Uncle Sam on our main site Any questions, Comments, Requests feel free to Register on the forums and ask If you have any questions talk to (Subject to Change): Senior Officer: -ESW-havoc1484 (xfire:havoc1484 or email [EMAIL="havoc1482@eswarfare.com"]havoc1482@eswarfare.com[/EMAIL]) CoD4: -ESW-Disturbed (xfire:mcplgagnon or email [EMAIL="dyno@eswarfare.com"]dyno@eswarfare.com[/EMAIL]) Euro Team: Comming Soon Hope To Speak/Play Soon Thank you, -ESW- Administration