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I didn't make it!

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Clan name: ELITE FIGHTING FORCE Members: Loyal, Dedicated, FUN! Website or boards URL: .:|:Elite:Fighting:Force:|:. - Est. 1997 - Only the best last forever. TS Info: ip elitefightingforce.com or elitefightingforce.com:8767 Pass beermenow Server info:We have 4 COD4 Servers History:EFF has been around for the better part of 10 years ... one of the oldest clans and still kickin @$$. Playing style: We have no style just have as much fun as you can and bring some beer! Other games you play: Anything the majority of us have ... Requirements: We require monthly dues to help out with the server costs etc and do our giveaways.

If this is something that u would like to be a part of then go to our site and register and signup under our roster...

xfire: spiderx1x Spider .:|:Elite:Fighting:Force:|:. - Est. 1997 - Only the best last forever.